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Tennis Betting – The Ball is in Your Court

Hindsight is always great, but KNOWLEDGE is almost as good, and like most info in life, you can usually find it online; but where should you look? Well, there are a multiverse of sites just waiting for your click, but information and stats get old quickly, and sometimes, sites remain unchanged and updates haven’t been made since the early 2000’s; they may as well have been carved in rock! So how do you get accurate betting info without talking to the players themselves, or sifting your way through piles and piles of sometimes incoherent garbage? The answer is easy, don’t do either!

Look at the stats overall, i.e.: what sets are most important to win, what players match well on particular surfaces. The list for this goes on, and is subject to interpretation, but the bulk of the information can be broken down to understandable knowledge.

Australian open 2013

Novak Djokovic









Just looking at this recent event, Novak Djokovic came into this match with odds sitting around $2.25, while Andy Murray, at $3.25 as the favourite, won. The odds reflected the outcome – which in the high ranked matches is normally the case.  Here’s how he was named as the favourite (you can see the clear advantage):

  • This was Djokovic’s 3rd consecutive Australian open.
  • He had already played and beaten Murray in an Australian open (2011).
  • He came into the championship a little more rested than Murray.
  • He is considered world number 1, and since his breakdown in the French open almost 3 years ago, he holds the pressure much better.

Now, this knowledge makes it seem as though it was an inevitability for him to take the tennis title, but with a less publicised match, or a match earlier in the open, that type of knowledge would be the key to placing an educated bet – you just need to research, research and research! If this seems like too much for you to do, just throw your money in and hope. The bookmakers are experienced and they show that, but when betting on tennis on smaller matches, they tend not to research as diligently, which means your knowledge and research will give you the best chance of winning at tennis betting.